Thursday, November 06, 2003

defamation of character. hmm well considering using someones first name is not illegal, especially when they post it themselves well eh. Its just kind of suspicious when all the entries have the same ip. So you explain cookie monster but did blue use your computer for the entry you said was him. or how about the other two. Its rather strange now isnt it. And i know your going to read this. Wow you explain away one guestbook entry, One little entry and you think it redeems you. On the contrary it does no such thing. All it does is just make one wonder more and more what is wrong in your world. Personally at this point i really think you should just go away, let the topic end and move on with your life. Should yourself or "friends" feel the need to post to my blog for any other reasons i shall permanently ban their ips contact the blog website owner and tech support and have you blocked for harassment.

i mean posting your name is one thing but lets say i was to post your ip, that would be something completely different now wouldnt it.
Ok now im just having a fun epiphany day,
so i checked my guest book and figured why not lets match the ips and i realized the soniya person is posting as other people and then trying to make herself look good by admonishing them
its rather funny i think.
Cookie monster is her, Surprise? is her, the september 9th entry is her, as well as one of the private entries.
How sick and twisted is that.
quite the pathological liar we have here now dont we.
Get over it soniya im not with you for a reason.
YOUR PYSCHOTIC and live in your own little dream world.

Just by watching you perpetrate rumors only to say i started them. To try and make yourself look good by posing as other people on my blog guestbook so you can defend me. You are a very sick individual. the scars on your wrists from cutting yourself should have been a warning bell.
You really should seek mental help

Pathological liar much????
Going to Quantico *cough* bullshit
Full scholarship to UF *cough* bullshit
Going to London *cough* bullshit

geez at the rate we are going im going to have to get out a new pair of boots to wade thru it all.

stop pining over me and get the fuck over it
im not yours, nor was i ever
go away, die or do whatever you are going to do
i really dont care
never did
plain and simple
you cant even compare to Katie
so dont even try
thats why i broke up with you for her

I have my family
i have my friends
i have my love katie
and im leaving this god forsaken shithole again
and i dont care what you do
what anyone says

but one thing
since you feel the need to constantly put your nose into everyone elses business including mine
watch it
because eventually
your going to be taught a lesson
and i really dont think you are going to like it at all.

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Time is such a vague perception. For every moment spent i find myself wondering where i have been. Its been a long journey so far. So many things have changed since i left gainesville. Ive fallen in love again. Ive found the reasons why i keep going forward. I know why i dont give up. My world was turned upside down, and now thats the way it stays. Being the nice guy is dangerous. People use you. They abuse you. Then when you defend yourself they play innocent. I taught them all a lesson. Being the nice guy doesnt mean you have to be nice all the time. It doesnt mean giving in and being completely altruistic. It means being honest and having a backbone. For all i care the people who walked all over me can go to hell. You people are spineless the minute someone like myself stands up to you. You play it like your the victim. All i have to say to all of you out there with that mind set is please kill yourselves. You will be doing all of us out there a big favor.

Im sitting here wondering what ever made me start this project. Nobody ever reads it anymore and it became a smear charles campaign in the end. Nobody ever really supported it. They reveled in the fact of it being revenge. People love to view the misfortunes of others as makes them forget about their own problems. It makes me sick. The people who revel in other people misery. These same people are the ones who gawk at accidents and watch reality tv shows. They cant handle their own lives so they have to find reasons to make themselves feel better about it.

Im sick of watching people, they are so unnappreciative. They dont respond well to any act of kindess. They are apathetic and indifferent. It makes me so depressed to think about it.

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