Thursday, July 31, 2003

Nothing new save the ex has found the blog. For the few who want her side of the story, well im trying to get her to spill it but so far she has staunchly refused to. Maybe ill get her too maybe not, im wondering if its worth the effort.

Between work, college summer courses and this blog im wiped. Added a guestbook and forum for those who want to use it. Guestbook is at the bottom of the page, forum is in the links. Will probably give this a good update tomorrow night after work.

Wednesday, July 30, 2003

I'm in about the same boat as Donald and I agree on some of what he said about the nice guy. I've been a nice guy to pretty much every girl I've ever been interested in, and it's got me nowhere. But I really don't think its the asshole perspective that attracts the women, but rather, plain and simple, looks. Sure, some women probably like to be treated like shit, and they'll be after the assholes, but that's the only part I agree with. If an asshole is hot, they'll go after him.

In addition to helping Charles out with the webpage and stuff I'll post my comments and any stories I have that relate to his challenge.

http://wyre.deviantart.com for all you art lovers.
Ok, im noticing that alot of people are making comments on the grammer and punctuation of the writing.For one when the hell did everyone become a writing critic? I also wonder why people care so much, cause we really don't. We are not here to write a book. We don't care if there are a few errors or for that matter if there are many. It is not impossible to read this people. I mean come on, and when we asked for responses or questions on the situation, I don't believe we asked for the people with nothing better to do then read through every word to find every little grammatical error. If you want to jump solely on grammatical errors thats fine, but please at least find something else within the blog project to voice a concern over or possibly comment on.

Our thanks go out to anyone that actually posted something logical, positive or negative about the blog.
It seems that im developing quite a following.

So now for all you readers out there who had their fun on metafilter. I say thanks. You have proven to me that this project will help me now more than any therapist or friend ever could. You all were right when you said that i posted the first few entries due to anger and bitterness. You were right to bash my punctuation and my poor grammer. I was wrting out a need to expunge the hatred and anger i had inside due to my relationship. Though in the end alot of you fell very far from the mark. I admit i wrote quickly and with very little research in my original posts. Simply put i WAS whining. Next i never said i was a nice guy, I said i was going to be one for the next year to see what results im going to get.

Oh and this will make you all happy because as you can plainly see i have "hired" an editor who will begin reviewing all my posts before and after i publish them to this blog. It is also apparent from further entries that i also am adding a womans touch to this blog. I have added my friend tiffani to the team and she will be giving me a womans perspective on things. I also have included my brother to give his point of view on things. Although he isnt a self proclaimed nice guy as he really doesnt like the label i think it will be interesting to hear his views.

Im finding the more i read on metafilter the more interesting this project gets and the more i want to get it off the ground and get it working. "petulant self-obsessed whiner is cheated on and then tries to justify it ex post facto by calling himself a nice guy." I never said i was a nice guy plain and simple. Ive reviewed my posts and though it may seem that i insinuated it, i never said i was. In fact i said the opposite, that i had been an asshole for the last four years. I was starting to wonder whose blog you were reading. One other thing from what i can tell the forum lost all coherency somewhere around Mens body odor , big boobs, and something about men in rafts with beer and eating women. Come on people if you are going to criticize me please at least make sense all the way through. Besides that fro the few people who offered relevant criticism and defended me in any relevant matter I thank you. Those few know who they are.

Next this whole project is based upon what i believe may be a possible outcome. There are numerous possibilities to consider when i think about it, and im wish to truly find out what will happen in this situation. Also i noted the controlled experiment comment. I admitted i was biased hence i am putting together a team to make sure the results are unbiased. I am adding one other perspective not including tiffani and donald. I am going to add someone who does not like me. I feel it is necessary to balance the project out. This member will be announced as soon as i find someone to fill the post.

Also just for those out there. My ex g/f, my ex best friend and i well we were all really close friends. This isnt just based on the betrayal of my relationship but also on the betrayal of a seven year friendship. People for some reason feel the need to label and judge someone due to what they say. I feel many of you have done that, but well thats just how it is in the world today. I never expected anything more or less. Most people have nothing better to do than to point the finger and ridicule someone they feel is acting incredibly ignorant. It makes people feel better, to think that they are better than another, to feel they have more experience, or to just be able to poke fun at another misfortunes.This is because ( i believe) it takes the spotlight off of everything that has gone wrong in your life, even if only for a moment, and you can say what an ass, or what an idiot and let every pent up emotion out.

Also for all of you who must know i snooped on her computer to find this journal because she had been hinting about things between her and and my ex best friend to get at me AND as i have previously posted this journal used to be online. So if you are going to point fingers at me for being stupid for posting this blog feel free to think about what she did.

Next id love to say this was prose but i have no idea where the orginal person who posted the comment on metafitler got that idea. It was in a deviantart forum not in one of the galleries. Why in all hell would i post prose in a forum designed for selfless website promotions.

Ok now that that is all out of my system. Thanks for reading and please feel free to email me any responses to the above comments.

Ok. I'll try to put up some reasoning for our thoughts. I'll try to explain my feeling towards the nice guy and the asshole. My brother as he said before pretty much played the asshole towards women for four years, and for that entire time, I cant really remember a time where he wasnt with someone. Now myself, for about the same amount of time have tried to be the the person my friends can talk to or feel comfortable around. I have not been with someone for about two to three years.

People say that my brother and I look very much alike so i'm thinking it cant be the looks, although it could just be the people we hang around with. For quite awhile i've been thinking of reasons on why it is the way it is for the nice guy.

The theory that made most sense to me is that the nice guy to a girl is the friend. I'm sure many of you have gotten the friend lecture from someone you cared about. The "I don't want to ruin the wonderful friendship that we have by being with each other and then most likely just breaking up in the end". So I believe that the nice guy is kind of used as a journal. Someone to confide in that you know will never tell your secrets or let you down.

Some of you i'm sure have had to go through the pain of listening to the person that you like or care about go on and on in a good or bad way about the person there with. Whether it be complaining about how their boyfriend doesnt treat them right or when they went out and had a good time. Now if you're the nice guy, you of course don't say anything to upset her. So they keep coming back to you for help or advice, But since this happens you basicly have no chance at a relationship. So now in most cases you just don't get to know the person or give up. This is not in all cases of course but I do see it happen to some of my friends and hear about it happening to alot of people.

Considering its 4:08 am, that pretty much drained my mind so i'm done. I'll put anything else related to this specific post in later.
Well i'm the talked about brother whos finally posting. I'll post my thoughts whenever something comes to mind or just have the time and feel like making a point somewhere.

Things to know about me I guess would be, like my brother and a few of my friends i love the night, so i dont really sleep much.
I also rarely have anything to do nor the transportation if I did. Unlike frank I don't really enjoy cher but am also a big fan of nick@nite cause the cosby show is god.

Any questions or statements for me can be sent to thepriceofnice@hotmail.com.Address it to me in the subject. I'll try to keep updated as often as I can as well as updating the site along with my brother. So long for now.
I'm new to the team and I'm currently working on getting these journals ready for your viewing pleasure. Here are some things you need to know about me:

-I'm nocturnal
-I'm nearly always bored so if I'm working on a project it'll probably get done quickly
-I like watching Nick@Nite and listening to Cher

If you feel the need to send me any feedback or anything of the sort you can reach me at thepriceofnice@hotmail.com, just make sure you address that its to me in the subject. I'll post more later.

Oh yeah, check out my deviantart page if you get a chance.
Ok here goes. I'm beginning to get my first correspondence in regards to my blog and am very satisfied with the results thus far. I have gotten responses from criticism to support and everythign inbetween and i am very satisfied with the results thus far. Please remember everyone i will to my best efforts respond to any and all emails i recieve whether they be critisism, support, or a story to relate. Again i thank those who have emailed me so far.

I am also introducing a new member to the team today. He is currently pouring over and editing the journal entries i have availlable and will soon possibly post. Due to the emails i have been receiving though i have decided to add a poll to the blog and let you the readers decide if the journal entries shall be open to be read by the public. I also have included a link to franks deviant art profile as well as my brothers and some of the artwork they both do.

As this is getting much bigger, much faster than i anticipated i am quickly attempting to get my team together and the web site into the design stages and ready for implementation. I have decided that this project will officially begin august 1st, 2003. So as of august 1st, 2003 i shall begin updating this blog as frequently as possible as well as carrying a journal to record my personal thoughts and to keep tabs on what happens each day.
Once the journal entries are ready to post i will turn to the poll for the decision on whether or not to post them. And even if the polls say not to i will still post entries that directly apply to me. This poll will only stop me from posting the journals in there entirety.

Well keep reading as i will update this all the more frequently as i am soon leaving my apartment and moving home. Oh and for those who are curious i do live with my ex g/f as i found this out after we had already signed a lease and she had no plans of ever telling me. All of this will be detailed in my saturday posts. Yes i said posts as i will be explaining everything in great detail.

Well id like to give a warm welcome to the newest team member, Frank, his editing skills are definitely going to be needed to get this thing of the ground.
As well i believe my friend tiffani (the female perspective) shall be posting asap as well as my brother.
Well once thats done the whole thing is a go on saturday. See you at the polls.

Monday, July 28, 2003

Ok people as promised i am going to explain this project. I am out to prove once and for all that nice guys truly finish last and prove to myself that women are a lost cause in the realms of romance and love. It is now time to explain myself and why i have such bitter feelings toward women in general, and alos towards men as well. July 4th, 2003 i actually did what every person shouldnt do i snooped on my ex girlfriends computer ( i live with her as we were best friends as well and if ifgured it would work) well upon snooping on her comp i managed to find her "deleted" journal and thru a little effort i slavaged the contents and read them. To my dismay i learned that for over 2 year sof our relationship she was fooling around with my best friend who we will now call j. Well i confronted both of them and managed after a few days of prying and wading through lies to get a facsimile of the truth ( as close as im going to get from these two). The both swear they didnt have sex but i mean here are the facts, he put it in, they started going at it, the guy suffers from premature ejaculation. Sex is sex even if you dont finish, but i think in his case he did. She also lied to me continually throughout the relationship and made it her personal goal and fun to tear me down and ruin my life. It will al become apparant once you read the journal entries. I am in the process of editing the names due to the possibilities of legal actions. Once done it will be all there for you to read

So now for your reading pleasure as of saturday night of this week i shall be postiing the entire contents of her journal with edited names as to avoid any legal disputes. I do have the rights to post these journals as much of the information pertains to me and events that directly occured and affected my life. Once you read i will explain every situation in the journal that following wednesday.

Should anyone have any concerns or legal advice or warnings pertaining to the posting of such information please email me at thepriceofnice@hotmail.com but do note the deleted file were originally posted on an online journal which could have been readily accessed on the internet.
Well today i will be adding 2 new teamates on this blog, yes people the first is a female and yes she is my friend so dont get any ideas. I think this whole project is going to need a female touch to get it off the ground. I am also adding my brother as i will be living with him and im hoping he can post his view on how im doing in comparison to mine because you always need new perspectives on things. Well i will be doing my first update tonight chronicling why i am doing this and what happened to drive me to this point. Well people keep reading and i hope you get something out of it.
Ok well here goes you all know about the site that i will be starting shortly, but to get things started i say i unveil a little something extra i will be toying with. I want to start an editorial column a little something to help guys understand women from a guy who has learned his fair share from listening. Oh and for all you women out there you heard me right, i said guy and listen in the same sentence and no it isnt a sign of the apocalypse. So here goes on my first rant ever for the public record. Im tired of hearing one thing and one thing alone. Im tired of hearing women complain about how we act as males. For the most part females in general condition us to respond the way we do. In todays society children are still raised by the mother, or in some cases a close facsimile. Our society is based on such outdated ideals but hey the old people dont want to change because change means learning and it seem that all (save for a few) of the older generation feels it isnt necessary to do so. Most of them are so closed minded it isnt funny. Ok now that we have that explanation out of the way back to what i was saying. First off im going to get some animosity off my chest women say men are cheaters and liars and all we care about is sex, ok i can agree with the sex part but first off according to a recent poll in cosmo (yes i read cosmo as it provides an interesting view into the woman psyche it also has some really funny embarassing moments stories) it stated that 62% of all women surveyed admit to having cheated on a boyfriend. HAH 62% and women call us cheaters i really find thast funny because for the most part women control if and when we have sex. Ive learned one true thign about women, they know within the first five minutes of meeting you whether or not they would have sex with you ( not to say that the decision cant be swayed due to mistakes, emotions, or impairment (the third i highly dont recomend)). It makes me wonder about females in general. That and the fact that you all have a habit of making males out to be assholes any possible way you can, even when they arent ( i draw that from personal experience). Plain and simple women gossip. Guys may say they slept with a girl that they didnt sleep with or this that and the other but women have this way of taking every flaw a man has and balling it all into a single entity and making all their friends believe that this ball is all the guy is and that there is nothing else he can be but these flaws. It drives me insane. I mean i am biased, the girl i was dating for 3 1/2 years was sleeping with my best friend for 2 of them.
And yes some men are dogs hence my ex bestfriend. and yes there are 2 sides to every story so i hope people can post their responses to these ideas and if you can prove me wrong more power to you. And i swear that if i can find one woman who can prove me wrong and show me that a woman can be faithful trusting and my best friend all at the same time well ill marry her. But until then i am a very bitter vindictive sexist person. Oh wait i said the word sexist that makes me a bad guy doesnt, wrong, women are sexist too. Every person in their right mind is pregidous, its natural. And yes not only are there male chauvinists there are female ones as well.
Now down to more business, i am different from most males as i like to have female friends, yes guys we can be friends with them, and no guys this does not make us gay. plus what the hell is wrong with people being gay, get over it I say if your happy with yourself the way you are more power to you. Like its the end of the world because a guy likes a guy or a girl likes a girl. Geez some people have nothing better to do than to make people miserable. Anyways as youve already noticed i tend to go off on totally unrelated tangents but hey thats me and if you dont like it TOUGH
Back to women, ok first off before any other guy tries to respond to this or email me in regards to this post it is required that you watch the movie "100 Girls" if you dont watch it dont bother sending me comments. That movie is the epitomy of how i feel in general, the understanding ive come to, im just not lucky enough to have found my someone.
that movie in and of itself will give you a deeper understanding of anything you wanted to know about women. Also if i can recomend anything else for you to watch id say "SLC Punk" and "10 things i hate about you" both of these movies will show you more about friendship and hope than youve probably ever known. Now here is the deal im going to try something and hopefully i will finally prove a longstanding point about women. I am going to be a nice guy for the next year starting august 1st. I have tried so hard to be an asshole for the last 4 years and pretty much have gotten what i wanted, but now its time to drop the mask because i also got my just deserts. I got a girl (who i was deeply in love with) who also cheated on me quite a bit and slept with my best friend who is with and was with his current girlfriend at the time. ive been dicked over by every girl ive ever been interested in save one and i pushed her away. Ann if you ever read this i am deeply sorry for anything end everything i did to you and how badly i treated you whever i saw you.
im going to try this nice guy thing for one year and if i am single at the end of this year i give up on women entirely. I will join a monastary and become a monk.

Now here is the challenge for everyone else. I want you to keep reading this blog, i want you to give it to your friends, to your relatives, to anybody you know. I want this thing chronicled. I will give weekly updates of my status of what im doing , how things are going and where i stand each month. And for all you reality tv show fans, consider this my reality tv blog. oh and for all you guys out there i agree with what he says in "100 girls" i think essentially women rule the world because they truly are much more responisble than us but they for some reason cant handle the responisbility without us, everybody needs support so jesus christ revive a dead custom, you know its called chivalry, i mean modernize it and all but seriously everybody needs help sometimes so drop the walls, i know i need to

well keep reading because im moving back home in 3 weeks and thats when this will really all start. I will aslo explain what happened between my ex best friend and my ex girlfriend. see you soon

Well now its time for something new. I think i may just keep my deadjournal but this may just be something so much more fun. I will be opening my own website soon im finishing off my design team and we will eventually be working our way into some flash design and maybe even some old school xtml. Im going to hopefully adding some team members soon and get them up and posting and get the work on the site underway, but well waiting until i move home and get the web space allocated. Soon very soon

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